Old Story, Fresh Road


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    Old Story, Fresh Road EP
    12" vinyl

    Track list:
    1. Wandering Dry
    2. Quell the Cold
    3. Heavy Hands
    4. When the Water Rises
    5. Old Story, Fresh Road

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released October 13, 2009

Pete Carmichael - voice, guitar; Mike Duffield - drums; Keith Hamilton - bass; Ian Jackson - guitar; Jordan Walsh - organ
Recorded in Toronto July 2009 at Hallamusic and Sunnyside Studios. Mixed at Sunnyside Studios.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Laurence Currie. Mastered by Joao Carvalho. Photo by Jason Michael. Design by Jesjit Gill. Sax solo by Joseph Shabason. Financial support for this recording provided by the Ontario Arts Council.



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THE DIABLEROS Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Wandering Dry
The temptation is always near
but I know that I'll never make the rounds
With righteous indignation I'm holding here
a vile of pure ethanol to down

'Cause I can't seem to fight
I'm not holding up alright
Well, I've been bad and I know I'm gonna pay the price
This second's all I have, it's all I can ignite
So take this look I'm giving you for the words... and recite:

Oh Lord, gimme one more chance tonight
'cause I think I'm gonna crack
Say the word and I'll look you in the eye
Say I'm wandering dry
At least, I'll be wandering...

The intervention is already here
The bile a stomach's pumping out
I'll pay attention to all that's clear
Denial is easier to spout

Oh, I'm breaking down, going in for repairs
But I'll start again if you can take me somewhere
Just leave me in the sand, let me burn my guise
And feed my body's shriveled heart to the birds... in the sky
Track Name: Quell the Cold
I can wait 'til I'm older
or I can lie awake until dawn
It's all a state of mind in which I confide
That I'm good enough right here
Under solemn winter skies

So, I'm filling holes
I'm thinking that it's never-ending
Serving bitter souls
Oh no, I'm filling holes
I'm thinking that's it's entertaining
There's a grin to quell the cold

I can't say if I'm saving
or if I'm cursing these hangers on
It don't matter what I think when the day is high
I remember what's it's like
Harbouring bread to survive
Track Name: Heavy Hands
We're always working, yet always waiting
For things that we can do
So we're always true to the art... woah-oh-oh-oh-oh
Well I've been dreaming we hit the ceiling
but I remember how to slip right through
No one holds us down in the dark.. no, no

There is no highway taking us where we want to go
There's just a mainframe and a line
I'm riding downtown in the snow
and I'm slippin' on this road

So here's the thing, not for the weak or for the game
No, it's not for hunters to pick off.. no, no
We're only playing for the time and season
and a little bit of empathy
So where do you think you belong... in the cold?

And now we're hacked, nervous hosts in toil
Always rambling on, we can't let go
Empowering plans to help our spines uncoil
but these heavy hands leave us alone
Leave us alone

Leave us alone
Leave us alone
Leave us alone
Track Name: When the Water Rises
Chasing after storms and looking into eyes
We will not be born of water and spirit and lies
From the bluffs I am leaping to the Lord above in spite
and I will not land in paradise

So close down the building and dim the lights
Set up some flares and dance all night
I'll grab you where you stand, whirl you with all my might
Take a trip on my wing when the fire's out

Where we're gonna go
Baby I don't know
Until the moment comes
I'll be banging on your drums
Where we're gonna go
Baby I don't know
When the water rises, I'll pull you from the shore

The beaches have been worn from shaking hounds
They're pawing at the door.. growling and sniffing around
Tonight I am dreaming that the Holy Ghost's a howl
But I will not sing it aloud

So come listen here, we're alabastar'd out
If you can't do it for me then do it for someone else
Go be a beaming light in a long night of darkness
You can circle all around but the tide's out
Track Name: Old Story, Fresh Road
What's up, my dear?
Have you sold yourself low?
If your night's looking clear
in daytime, you'll glow...
I'm caught in your reel
and you're trolling me slow
No need to say you got me
'cause woman, I know

Well, I'm not passing by
and I won't stand in line
I'm fixin' to speak my mind
if it only means we'll spend some time
If ever our story goes untold
I'll wander 'til I find a road

Wake up, my dear
My hands are white and cold
I'm struck with the fear,
afraid of getting old
Won't you take my mind
and fill it up with hope
Show me all your precious glory
Send it straight to my soul

Well, I'm not passing by
and I won't stand in line
I'm fixin' to speak my mind
if it only means we'll spend some time
If ever our story goes untold
Whatever, we'll still have rock 'n roll
We'll still have rock 'n roll!